“It’s Your Thon” School-A-Thon Program

You can earn up to 90% Profit on your event

This program is great for Elementary and Middle Schools who are happy with their current “Thon” but want to raise the most money for their school. It offers options for a Prize Progam and FREE In-School incentive program to get the most participation and maximum profit for you school/group.

Up to 90% PROFIT:
Ask your School-A-Thon Sales
Representative for more details

What School-A-Thon Provides to you:

  • Money Management Software: An easy tool to assist and organize the chairperson with counting & collecting donations.
  • Custom Pledge Site: For each participant.
  • Custom pledge site with two banner ads for your group to sell and keep 100% of the profit. We suggest selling them for $500 each.
  • Credit Card Processing: For online donations.
  • Optional Pledge/Collection Envelopes: One for each participant. Available to purchase at only 25¢ each.
  • Parent Letter: We print the letter for you on the Pledge/ Collection Envelopes.
  • Optional Student Awards Program: You have the opportunity to purchase great incentives to reward students for their hard work.
  • Student Awards Pre-Packing: We pre-pack the awards per seller for easy distribution.
  • R.E.A.C.H. for it: Curriculum program with daily audio announcements and video kick-off.
  • Feed on Fitness Twitter Feed: Healthy lifestyle suggestions kids can use for life.
  • DJ Party Guide: Suggested script, tips and suggested song list if you hire a DJ.
  • Freight for all of the above items that are shipped to your group is included - No hidden fees!
  • Great Customer Service

Take your “Thon” to a new, exciting level!

Amazing rewards, fantastic services, more participation!

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Custom Donation Site

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Each student receives their customizable site.

  • Ability to upload custom picture of themselves.
  • Students set their goals and monitor their progress.
  • Email friends and family near and far.
  • Instantly upload to Instagram, Facebook and other social media.
  • Accepts credit cards.
  • Neighborhood donation base to world wide!

Donation Envelope*

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(*Optional) Pledge Envelope/Parent Letter

  • One for each participant. Only 25 cents per envelope.
  • Customize for your group. We print the letter for you on the Envelope.
  • Allows the addition of in person donations and money collection
  • Easy turn in sealable envelope keeps money safe.

Awesome Awards

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Awards and Incentives

  • You have the opportunity to purchase great prizes for an innovative, CUMULATIVE and quality awards program.
  • Packed by student or by class.
  • Pre-Packed for easy distribution.

What you provide and are responsible for:

  • Happy Volunteers to plan and run the event.
  • T-Shirt for participants and/or volunteers. You can bulk purchase t-shirts for your Event at a greatly discounted price!
  • After party expenses: DJ, water or anything else your group would like to have at your party. The banner ad sales should cover those expenses.
  • The event is run just like a book fair or holiday shop by your volunteers so you have maximum control and maximum profit.

It's Your Thon PDF
Download a PDF version of the School-A-Thon Donation-Based “It’s Your Thon” Program