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This time of year, even in warm climates, rain is an especially strong possibility. But that doesn’t mean your color run fundraiser can’t go on! If you’ve planned outdoor events before, you know that rain is just part of the package and something that has to be planned for as a real possibility. While you can’t escape inclement weather, you can prepare for it. When organizing your Color-A-Thon, take the following measures and come event day, that rain will roll right off your back.

1. Apprise Volunteers Of Inclement Weather Protocol

The most important aspect of planning a color run fundraiser with the potential for inclement weather is communication. By making sure volunteers and all involved are well-informed and apprised of the proper protocol, you can ensure that your event will run smoothly rain or shine.

Take time before the event to hold a meeting with your volunteers where you can inform them of the plan. This is the time to assign tasks, so everyone knows where to find tarps and coverings, who is covering what and who is moving which pieces of equipment. This is also when you should inform volunteers of the evacuation plan and where they should lead participants in the case of a weather emergency. By taking this opportunity to meet with your team, you’ll ensure that everyone is on the same page if you wind up having a color run in the rain.

You should also make sure all participants know that the event will go on whether the sun is out or it’s pouring down rain. Make note of this on all flyers and marketing material and make an additional announcement on the day of the event.

2. Bring Reliable Covers, Tents And Tarps

There tends to be a lot of expensive equipment at outdoor events, equipment that is extremely susceptible to water damage. Most likely you’ll have audio, lighting and other technical equipment. In order to protect this equipment (and your wallet), you need to make sure you have reliable covers, tents and tarps available on the day of your color run fundraiser. It’s also important to make sure your coverings are large enough to fully protect all your equipment.

It’s a smart idea to have tents for your base of operations and other important locations, whether it’s raining or not. So, in case of rain, you’ll only have to cover up a few things. The less you have to worry about come event day, the better.

And like we’ve previously mentioned, assigning volunteers to specific areas and/or items that need to be covered in the event of rain will allow your fundraiser to go off without a hitch.

3. Put An Evacuation Plan In Place

While rain is something that your event can definitely weather, severe conditions are not. If the weather takes a turn for the worst, your #1 priority needs to be your volunteers and participants and making sure you get them to a safe and secure location quickly. Put an evacuation plan in place and make sure that all volunteers, stage managers and security guards are informed of it prior to the color run fundraiser.

It’s also vital that everyone working the fundraiser has a contact sheet with every volunteer and participant’s contact information in case it’s needed during an evacuation. While it may seem scary to think about, by taking these measures you can ensure a safe and efficient evacuation and give everyone peace of mind in the event of a dangerous situation.

Plan a Stress-Free Color Run Fundraiser with School-A-Thon

School-A-Thon can help you throw a fun and memorable color run fundraiser, rain or shine. Our mission is to provide you with an enjoyable, interactive alternative to traditional fundraisers – taking your event from bland to grand! Have a question or need more information about holding your very own color run fundraiser? Reach out to our awesome team today.

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