Killingly Schools

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Killingly Schools
Killingly, CT
October 4, 2014

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you to the entire team at Meadow Farms for helping me and Killingly Kares put on an amazing Color-A-Thon  
fundraising event! From my initial contact with Brett to working today  
with Tracy (and everyone in between), Meadow Farms has worked tirelessly to ensure that we had a fun and successful event. I am very impressed by your company and employees. Every question that I had  
(And yes, there were many) was answered quickly and every glitch was dealt with immediately and handled without an issue. Every company should work like yours to help their customers!

I wanted you to know that the weather held off today and our event was  
a huge success. Thanks to Tracy for taking her time to help us! She was great. There was amazing positive feedback from parents, teachers, and spectators. I had the football president asking me if their  
football players could participate next year. Another football spectators parent wants to join next year too and bring her school

I have to say that it was totally FUN! Not only for the kids, but for  
all the adults, especially ME! All the time and effort was well worth  
it! My heart melted hearing all the giggles, and not just from the  
kids! Seeing all those smiles full of color was priceless!!!

Thanks again for everything! This was a huge event that we will be
doing again next year, BUT we will start planing for it in June next year LOL! I know it will be even bigger success!

Don’t think you’re getting rid of me too soon! I am on my sons Woodstock Academy Music Parents Association and I already have them looking at their calendars for scheduling a Color-A-Thon this coming spring. Now that I am a pro, I will be helping them set this up in Woodstock, CT.

Fondly, Mindy Hudon