Willmar Middle School

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Willmar Middle School
Willmar, MN
June 3, 2014

This event was organized to raise money for the Willmar Middle Schools Athletic programs.

Willmar Color-A-Thon

“We just held a Colorathon run in Willmar for all ages and it was a huge success! Our course was 3k, which worked great for the really young kids. The color dye was very safe and washed out of all my clothes. The Color crew did an excellent job of setting everything up and the event was cleaned up within an hour of the finish! Rick and his crew also brought a huge supply of socks, wigs, glasses, headbands, wristbands and much more to wear during the run. Everyone had a great time and we’ll be calling these guys again next year for our 2nd annual color run!” 

–Travis Michelson, Willmar Middle School