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So, you’ve decided to host a school color run fundraiser with School-A-Thon? Congrats! You’re about to experience the most fun, innovative and profitable “thon” fundraising event around!

For schools, color run fundraisers are an exciting way to earn money and build a sense of community. However, choosing a location for your color run route can be hard. If you haven’t decided yet, don’t worry — we’re here to help!

Best Locations for a School Color Run Fundraiser

A good color run venue can make your event one that everyone will be scrambling to attend. Pleasant scenery, convenience and accessibility, as well as plenty of space to spread out, make for one great location.

While some schools will allow the event to be held on school grounds, this isn’t always the case. That’s why it’s smart to look into your options so you know what’s available and what isn’t.

School Track Or Grounds

Have a school track? That can be a tailor-made location for your school color run fundraiser. If a track isn’t an option, consider using the school’s grounds for a more scenic choice. Whichever option you choose, most of the infrastructure will already be in place, there will be plenty of parking and the spot will be convenient for the majority of your participants.

Local Neighborhoods

Look at surrounding neighborhoods near your school. Creating a color run route that starts at the school, goes through local neighborhoods and ends back at the school can make for a pleasant run without having to figure out off-grounds parking and permits. An added plus? This can help build community pride and partnerships with locals in the area. Consider inviting those who live in the neighborhood to participate or cheer on the runners as they go by.

Public Park

Sometimes, it can actually be more beneficial to have your color run off campus as it can increase community attendance. Public and state parks are both fantastic locations to host a school color run fundraiser. This option offers scenic views and a longer, more interesting course. Keep in mind that additional permits may be required.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Color Run Route

When choosing a location to hold your school color run fundraiser, there a few things to keep in mind that you might not have considered. Understand that this list is in no way exhaustive. Be sure to check with the location as well as city and state regulations and permit requirements before booking the spot.


If you’re using a public space, you’ll need a permit. While it’ll be much easier to get a permit if you don’t need to shut down roads, we know this isn’t always doable when hosting a run. So, be sure you understand which permits are required for your location. Possible permits include, but are not limited to:

  • Permit for posting signs on city park property
  • Permit for park use
  • Fire permit for shade structures of a certain size
  • Street or lane closure and/or obstruction permits
  • Sidewalk obstruction permit
  • Amplified noise permit
  • Tent permit
  • Stage/platform/scaffolding permit
  • Electrical permit
  • Generator permit

Keep in mind that some vendors, like inflatable jumper companies or food trucks, must also provide permits.


Make sure you choose a central location, close by and convenient for your participants. If the site is too far away, it can become a hassle for people to participate. You’ll want to make it as easy as possible for people to attend your school color run fundraiser.


Parking is a huge consideration when holding color run fundraisers for schools. There should be ample parking available for volunteers, participants and those who are attending to cheer on their friends and family. Once your location is booked and scoped out, you should have a detailed parking plan in place. You can choose to make parking free or have people pay a small fee that will go to your school or charity. It’s up to you!


Your location needs to be able to accommodate a marathon or running-style event. You don’t want participants having to run in the same circle for hours on end. Make sure that there’s room to create an exciting, safe and adequate color run route.

Infrastructure also refers to outdoor event basics. While these requirements will fluctuate by state and/or city, typically the following are needed:

  • One portable toilet per 300 people and another toilet for each additional 150 people
  • One dumpster with lid per 300 people
  • One recycling bin with lid for every dumpster


While this obviously isn’t the most important consideration when planning for fun school fundraisers, it is one you should take into account. You want participants to be excited about getting to run or walk around a space. So, think about what location would be the perfect combination of fun, different and scenic. This will help guide you to the ideal color run route.

Let School-A-Thon Help With Your Fundraiser

When you work with School-A-Thon, we’ll help you every step of the way. From school fundraising ideas to planning your fundraiser budget to how to do a color run, we’ll ensure you’re fully prepared come event day. Have a question or need more information about our fun run fundraisers for schools? Reach out today!

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