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School-A-Thon was founded with the mission of taking fundraising events from bland to grand. Our color-a-thon program gives schools a fun, interactive alternative to traditional, product fundraisers.

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Introducing the most innovative, profitable and fun "thon" fundraiser event around. Earn up to 70 percent profit on your event with a Color-A-Thon fundraiser.

Color-A-Thon Donation-Based Event

Get maximum results while we minimize your work. The Color-A-Thon Donation-Based Event is great for elementary and middle schools. This program provides a custom pledge site for each student.
The package also includes:

  • Donation envelopes
  • An incentive program
  • A prize program and more

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Color-A-Thon Entrance Fee-Based Event

A Color-A-Thon Entrance Fee-Based Event is ideal if you’re looking for a fun, community event for a high school or nonprofit. Each entry fee includes both a color pack and a T-shirt. The program also includes:

  • Custom entry fee (minimum of $30)
  • Custom registration site
  • Money management software and more

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Take Your "Thon" Fundraiser to a New, Exciting Level!

Amazing rewards, fantastic services and more participation!

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"It's Your Thon" School-A-Thon Program

Are you happy with your current "thon" fundraiser? Keep your spell-a-thon, walk-a-thon or whatever-thon and earn up to 90 percent profit when you call School-A-Thon and add on a color-a-thon! This type of event is perfect for schools who want to raise the bar (and the profit) on their current "thon" fundraiser. We can make it easier and more profitable with our “It’s Your Thon” Program, which includes:

  • Money management software
  • Custom pledge site
  • Optional pledge/collection envelopes and more!

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