About Our Color Run Fundraiser

Created to give schools a fun, interactive alternative to a traditional product sale fundraiser, School-A-Thon is the next big thing in fundraising!

Have your students, parents and fundraiser customers grown tired of popcorn tins, chocolate bars and holiday wrapping paper? We hear you. Our Color-A-Thon fun run fundraiser was created to give schools an exciting, interactive alternative fundraiser to the more traditional product sale. School-A-Thon’s Color-A-Thon has quickly become the next big thing in fundraising — and it’s not difficult to see why.

The Color-A-Thon Mission

Fundraising is important, but a traditional fundraiser for schools tends to run short on time, volunteers and, sometimes, earnings. At School-A-Thon, we set out to provide a fun, interactive alternative to traditional fundraisers. And unlike other fundraiser companies for schools, we’ll help you with your fun run fundraiser every step of the way, from budgeting to fun run tips.

School-A-Thon: Not Your Average Fundraiser For Schools

School-A-Thon provides a fun, engaging alternative to traditional fundraising options and other more hands-off color run companies. There isn’t anything to sell, and we’ll help you with your event planning to maximize the dollars raised — and minimize the need for an armada of hard-to-find volunteers.

School-A-Thon can even take your own custom event to a new vibrant level! We have the ability to take any pledge event and cap it off with our exclusive Color- A-Thon Fun Walk/Run.

Our color fun runs are memory-makers for family and friends. They build communities through colorful camaraderie. Students earn T-shirts and fun rewards, while your school raises money and everyone walks away exhilarated and satisfied with a job well done!

Raising money shouldn’t be tedious, boring or the same old thing year after year. Let School-A-Thon take your traditional spell-a-thon, read-a-thon or other “thon” and make it fresh, energizing and full of color!


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“Everyone at Blue Ridge had an awesome time.  A spectator enjoyed it so much she donated $20.00 to the parent group.  Loved watching the kids get colored!!!”

Jessica DeMarse

Blue Ridge Intermediate – Mansfield IL