winter fun run fundraiser

Winter Fun Run Fundraiser? Just because the seasons change doesn’t mean you can’t still hold fun school fundraisers. While not the most ideal of conditions, a school fun run fundraiser actually can be held during wintry weather if you prepare accordingly. By following these five easy tips, your fun run will go off without a hitch during any cold snap.

1. Advise All To Dress Appropriately

Prior to your school fun run fundraiser, inform all participants and volunteers to dress warmly. Make sure volunteers know to bundle up in layers. Racers, on the other hand, will need to put a little more thought into what they’re going to wear. Instructions on what to wear should be passed out before the day of the race.

In terms of actual race attire, all participants should dress in sensible layers. One rule of thumb is to dress as if it’s 10 degrees warmer than it actually is. Since they’ll be moving, their bodies will warm up quickly. If it’s a calm, above-freezing day, a lightweight shirt, shorts and/or leggings, and a lightweight hat and gloves should suffice.

But winter is unpredictable, so biting winds, unforgiving moisture and freezing temperatures should all be considered if the weather takes a turn for the worse. For appropriate clothing, think moisture-wicking performance thermal wear, a thick long-sleeved shirt, a water-resistant jacket, wind-resistant pants, moisture-wicking socks, and a thick hat or headband to keep the head warm.

To keep warm before the start of the race, runners should bundle up in old sweats, jackets, hats, gloves, etc. Once at the starting line, they can then toss these layers to the side. Teachers or volunteers can either collect the clothes to hand back out after the race or the clothing can be donated to charity. Whichever route you go with, make sure that all participants are informed.

2. Hold A Group Warm-Up Session

A fun way to kick off winter school fun runs is to hold a group warm-up session. Less than an hour before the race, have participants complete a 15-minute warm-up jog followed by a few easy exercises, like jumping jacks or pushups. This will help to get the blood flowing and prepare muscles for the fun run. Warming up this way in colder weather primes the body for optimal flexibility and efficiency.

3. Remind Racers To Stay Hydrated

People often equate the need for hydration with warmer weather. But during a cold fun run, runners will still be sweating and will need to replace those lost fluids. Make sure to set up hydration stations at regular intervals along the school fun run fundraiser route. You should also inform runners to drink 16-24 ounces of water or sports drink two to three hours before the race to ensure they’re properly hydrated from the jump.

4. Provide Tents With Heaters

If it’s going to be a particularly cold race day, you’ll need to prepare accordingly. Consider setting up a couple of tents with outdoor warmers at the start of the race, at various points throughout the race and at the finish line. This way runners can take a few moments to warm up before continuing the race, and volunteers at your hydration stations can also stay warm as they work.

5. Keep Runners Warm After The Race

During the school fun run fundraiser, participants will be plenty warm. But once they cross that finish line, they will get cold – fast. The fact that they’ve been sweating will also make them even chillier. Hand out Mylar blankets and hand warmers to each participant once they complete the run to get them as toasty as possible. You might also want to consider handing out warm drinks.

Either way, encourage runners to go inside and warm up soon after the race finishes, rather than lingering outside. If possible, reserve an indoor location nearby for participants to change into dry clothes and warm up.

Let School-A-Thon Help With Your School Winter Fun Run Fundraiser

Winter Fun run fundraisers for schools are a refreshing way to infuse some life into traditional fundraising methods. And with School-A-Thon, it’s never been easier. We’ll help with event planning to minimize the effort on your part while maximizing profits. Have a question or need more information? Reach out to our team to plan your colorful school fun run fundraiser today!

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