Donation-Based Color-A-Thon Event

School-A-Thon’s Donation-Based Color Run program is ideal for elementary and middle schools looking to host a refreshingly colorful run or walk-a-thon.

School-A-Thon Will Help You Every Step of the Way, Providing Everything You Need to Make the Most Money for Your School!

Not only does our Donation-Based Color Run program earn you maximum profits of up to 70 percent, but it also includes a fantastic prize and incentive program to boost student participation for your school or fundraiser. The refreshingly fun School-A-Thon Color-A-Thon is taking over the nation and forever changing how schools fundraise.

Here’s what School-A-Thon provides:

  • Bulk color dust. The more money you raise, the more color dust we send.
  • Individual color packs. Each participant receives one.
  • Color coordinator guide. A School-A-Thon color run expert will advise your chairperson from planning to completion.
  • 2 hallway posters. Each color run poster will help promote your fundraiser within the halls of your school.
  • 15 event posters. These posters will help promote your event throughout the community.
  • Pledge collection envelopes. Each participant receives one.
  • Parent letter. This pre-printed letter explaining the event will go home to parents with the collection envelope.
  • Custom pledge site. Each participant gets their own pledge site to help raise money.
  • Credit card processing. This service makes it easy to accept your Color-A-Thon 5k registration fees online.
  • Money management software. This easy-to-use tool assists the chairperson with organizing entry fees and collecting donations.
  • Student awards program. Great incentives like personal color packs, sunglasses, wigs and more help make your School-A-Thon color run even more fun. We also pre-pack the awards per seller for easy distribution.
  • Optional Color-A-Thon outdoor flags and/or arch rental. These are ideal for use during your event.
  • 30 route marker flags. These flags make marking your course easy and help to guide participants.
  • R.E.A.C.H. for it. This curriculum program includes daily audio announcements and a video kick-off.
  • “Feed on Fitness” Twitter feed. This feed provides healthy lifestyle suggestions kids can use for life.
  • DJ party guide. This guide includes a suggested script, tips and recommended song choices for an optional DJ, if you choose to hire or enlist one.
  • Custom event site with banner ads. Your group can sell the website banner ads and keep 100% of the profit. We suggest selling them for $500 each.
  • Included freight shipping. Covers all of the above items that are shipped to your group.
  • Excellent customer service! The start-to-finish support will make hosting your School-A-Thon color run as easy and successful as possible.

Here’s all you need to provide:

  • Excited and eager volunteers. You choose your team to plan and run the event. This event is fully run by volunteers, which allows you to have maximum control while making maximum profits.
  • $5 per T-shirt. These can be for participants and/or volunteers.
  • After party expenses. This may include a DJ, water or anything else your group would like to have at the party. Keep in mind that banner ad sales should cover these expenses.
  • Your own flair. You’ll have control over most of the fundraiser promotion and marketing, so you can use your team’s creativity to make the event your own. Consider hosting a kick-off event to make a big impact and jump-start donations.

Contact us today and ask your School-A-Thon Color Run sales rep for more details!

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Check Out Our Family and Friends Color Club Program!

It’s a great (optional) program that allows a student/participant to invite friends and family members to join in their Color-A-Thon Event for FREE! All they have to do is get donations.

Tools To Help You Raise More Money

Personal Donation Website

Each student receives their customizable site.

  • Ability to upload custom picture of themselves.
  • Students set their goals and monitor their progress.
  • Email friends and family near and far.
  • Instantly upload to Instagram, Facebook and other social media.
  • Accepts credit cards.
  • Neighborhood donation base to world wide!

Donation Envelope

Pledge Envelope and Parent Letter

  • Customize for your group
  • Allows in-person donations and money collection
  • Easy turn-in – sealable envelope keeps money safe.

Incentive Program

In-School Program to Boost Participation

  • Options for instant Prize Give-Away for online registration and first donation
  • A fun reminder for the students
  • WE PROVIDE YOU WITH THE INSTANT PRIZES AT NO CHARGE! Prizes change from season to season to keep it new and exciting!

Awesome Awards

Awards and Incentive Programs

  • Cumulative, innovative, and quality event based prize program.
  • Packed by student and by class.
  • Easy to distribute!
  • Family and friends can donate and/or participate in the event!