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When planning your School-A-Thon color run fundraiser, it’s extremely important that you promote it through the proper channels. You could do all the planning in the world, but if no one knows your event is happening, all that work will have been for nothing.

Lucky for you, we’re sharing some sure-fire ways to help promote your event for one successful, memorable fundraiser! And if you’re still looking for refreshingly fun fundraising options for your event, let School-A-Thon help. Keep in mind that this list is in no way exhaustive. In terms of your promotional ideas, you’re only limited by your own imagination!

Promote It On Social Media

Social media platforms are tailor-made for event promotion (plus, they’re often affordable, if not free!) Be sure to share details about all color run fundraisers on the PTA and school Facebook pages, as well as any other appropriate channels and accounts.

Start by creating a social media schedule where you’ll plan out weekly posts about the race and then daily posts in the two weeks leading up to the big event. This will ensure your color run fundraiser stays top-of-mind and the momentum for event crowdfunding and fundraising keeps going. Posts can include statistics and articles relevant to the event or cause, Color-A-Thon sponsor highlights, past school fundraising achievements, student or volunteer recognition, and more!

You should also be sure to make your main informational post “sticky” so that it stays at the top of your Facebook page and is easily accessible for page visitors.

Announce It In The School Paper And Newsletter

Be sure to announce the color run fundraiser in your school’s student newspaper and any parent newsletters. This is a great way to get eyes on the event and offers low-cost promotion and exposure. Plus, information for the event gets passed to both the kids and the parents.

Share It On The School’s Website

If your school has a website, your color run fundraiser better be on it. Make a banner image for your school’s homepage that links to a landing page with full event details and a call-to-action button to sign up for the event. The easier you can make it for participants to actually participate, the better.

Send Out Email Blasts

Do you have a weekly email that goes out to school staff and parents? If so, make sure to include information about the color run fundraiser every week leading up to the event. This will be a helpful reminder for parents to make sure kids have done everything they need to leading up to race day.

Add It To The School Announcements

Daily or weekly school announcements offer the perfect opportunity to remind students and faculty of the upcoming fundraising event. Inform kids daily as to how they can sign up to participate in the color run fundraiser or how they can help by volunteering. Then, in the week leading up to the color run, be sure to remind kids and staff of any important race details.

Rotate It On The School Marquee

Whether you have a traditional school marquee or a rotating LED sign, you should definitely be utilizing it for free marketing for your color run. Have fun with the verbiage and keep it concise, including only the most essential details.

Team Up with School-A-Thon for Your Fundraising Event

Looking to shake up your school’s fundraiser program but don’t know where to start? Let School-A-Thon help! With our refreshingly fun school fundraisers, we’ll help you host an unforgettable color powder run. Have a question or need more information? Contact us today. Whether you’re looking for creative school fundraising ideas or simply want to know how to do a color run, we’re here to help!

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