Color Club Program

Our Color Club Program for Family and Friends! (Optional)

Our Color Club program is a great program that allows a student/participant to invite friends and family members to join in their Color-A-Thon Event for FREE! All they have to do is get donations!

When you raise $60 in donations earn 1 Color Club member. Raise $90 and get 2 Color Club members. Each member will get to attend the event and will receive 1 Color Club Face Gator and a Color Pack. There is a max of 2 Color club members.

They can invite brothers, sisters, neighbors, friends, or uncles and aunts!

As the student/participant reaches their donation goals, they just have to write their Color Club members in the space provided on the back of their donation envelope. The sponsor will enter their members for them online. Their t-shirt and color pack will arrive with the student’s shirt and rewards.

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