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Color-A-Thon Fun Run Fundraiser: School-A-Thon was founded with the mission of taking fundraising events from bland to grand. Our Color-a-Thon program gives schools a fun, interactive alternative to traditional, product fundraisers.

Discover the Benefits of Our Color-A-Thon Fun Run Fundraiser for Maximum Profit!

Organizing a successful and enjoyable “thon” fundraiser is effortlessly simple! With a Color-A-Thon color run fundraiser, your school or group can achieve up to 70% profit from your fundraising event!

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Hosting an innovative, profitable and fun “thon” fundraiser event is extremely easy! Earn up to 70 percent profit on your group fundraising event with a Color-A-Thon color run fundraiser for schools and groups!

The package also includes:

+ Donation envelopes
+ Incentive program
+ Prize programs and more!

We Wrote The Textbook on Successful Color Run Events!

Take Your Fun Run Fundraiser to a New, Exciting Level! Amazing rewards, fantastic services and more participation! Learn more about School-A-Thon by downloading our “Everything You Wanted to Know About Color-A-Thon” brochure!