Elementary School Fundraisers

“If you’re looking for an elementary school fundraiser that’s fun and outside of the traditional model, look no further! We’ll plan a color run that’ll be a hit fundraising event!”

If your school, students, and parents are tired of traditional colorless fundraisers, our elementary school fundraisers will take it to the next level! We’ve all bought and sold enough popcorn, chocolate, and holiday products to last a lifetime, and with our fundraising company, you can break that mold. Our Color-a-Thon events are now the big thing in fundraising!

What is a Color-A-Thon?

Our goal is to provide an interactive and fun alternative to boring, traditional elementary school fundraisers. Unlike anything else, we’ll set your school up with a fun run fundraiser and handle the event every step of the way. You can sit back, enjoy the event, and experience a successful fundraiser that everyone enjoys. Color-A-Thon™ is a fun event for students and adults of all ages so everyone can be a part of the event. Elementary school students get donations from their family, friends, and earn rewards for the money they raise. They will then get to participate in the 3k walk or race then ends in a huge blast of color and more importantly FUN. There’s no other event like it!

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“Everyone at Blue Ridge had an awesome time.  A spectator enjoyed it so much she donated $20.00 to the parent group.  Loved watching the kids get colored!!!”

Jessica DeMarse

Blue Ridge Intermediate – Mansfield IL

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