Middle School Fundraisers

“Created to give middle schools an interactive fundraising alternative to traditional product sales, School-A-Thon is a leading middle school fundraising company.”

Middle School Fundraisers & Middle School Fundraising Events

Traditional fundraising gets boring, and customers can only purchase so much popcorn until they just start saying “no”. Students have sold the same products over and over, and they get tired of asking their family to buy the same things year after year. We know you need a middle school fundraiser that’s different.

Our Color-A-Thon fun run fundraiser was created to give schools an exciting, interactive alternative to the more traditional product sales. School-A-Thon’s Color-A-Thon has quickly become the next big thing in fundraising — and it’s easy to see why!

Our Fundraising Mission

Fundraising is important for middle schools, but it can be complicated. Schools need time, volunteers, and a lot of effort. Unlike other middle school fundraising companies, our goal is to run the event for you and make it as easy on your school as possible. We’ll help you with your fun run fundraiser every step of the way, from budgeting to fun run tips.

How a Color-A-Thon Fundraising Event Works

Our color fun runs are memory-makers for everyone involved in the fundraiser. Students earn prizes for sales, get T-shirts, and your school earns the money! We’ll set up a 3k run/walk that ends with a blast of color that everyone involved is sure to remember. You’ll not only end up with a successful school fundraiser, but you’ll also end up with a hit event that everyone was glad to be a part of!

“Everyone at Blue Ridge had an awesome time.  A spectator enjoyed it so much she donated $20.00 to the parent group.  Loved watching the kids get colored!!!”

Jessica DeMarse

Blue Ridge Intermediate – Mansfield IL

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