Donation-Based Color-A-Thon Event

You can earn up to 70% Profit on your event

Perfect for Elementary and Middle Schools who want to host a COLORFUL wallk-a-thon to raise the most money for your school. This includes a fantastic prize program and incentive program to get the most participation and maximum profit for your school/group.

Up to 70% PROFIT:
Ask your School-A-Thon Sales
Representative for more details

What School-A-Thon Provides to you:

  • Bulk Color Dust: The more money you raise the more color dust we send.
  • Individual Color Packs: One for each participant.
  • Color Coordinator Guide: Takes the chairperson from planning to
    completion of your event.
  • 2 Hallway Posters: To promote your sale.
  • 15 Event Posters to promote your event throughout the community.
  • Pledge/Collection Envelopes: One for each participant.
  • Parent Letter: We print the letter for you.
  • Custom Pledge Site: For each participant.
  • Credit Card Processing: For online donations.
  • Money Management Software: An easy tool to assist and organize the chairperson with counting & collecting donations.
  • Student Awards Program: Great incentives including personal color packs, sunglasses, wigs and much more.
  • Student Awards Pre-Packing: We pre-pack the awards per seller for easy distribution.
  • Option to rent Color-A-Thon outdoor Flags for use during your event.
  • Option to rent color-A-Thon Arch for your event.
  • 30 route marker flags: Makes marking your course easy and helps guide your participants.
  • R.E.A.C.H. for it: Curriculum program with daily audio announcements and video kick-off.
  • Feed on Fitness Twitter Feed: Healthy lifestyle suggestions kids can use for life.
  • DJ Party Guide: Suggested script, tips and suggested song list if you hire a DJ.
  • Custom pledge site with banner ads for your group to sell and keep 100% of the profit. We suggest selling them for $500 each.
  • Freight for all of the above items that are shipped to your group is included - No hidden fees!
  • Great Customer Service!

Take your “Thon” to a new, exciting level!

Amazing rewards, fantastic services, more participation!

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Custom Donation Site

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Each student receives their customizable site.

  • Ability to upload custom picture of themselves.
  • Students set their goals and monitor their progress.
  • Email friends and family near and far.
  • Instantly upload to Instagram, Facebook and other social media.
  • Accepts credit cards.
  • Neighborhood donation base to world wide!

Donation Envelope

Download Envelope PDF

Pledge Envelope/Parent Letter

  • Customize for your group
  • Allows the addition of in person donations and money collection
  • Easy turn in sealable envelope keeps money safe.

Incentive Program*

In-School Incentive Program

  • Options for instant Prize Give-Away for online registration and first donation
  • A fun reminder for the students
  • WE PROVIDE YOU WITH THE INSTANT PRIZES AT NO CHARGE! Prizes change from season to season to keep it new and exciting!

Awesome Awards

Download PDF

Awards and Incentives

  • Cumulative, innovative, and quality event based prize program.
  • Packed by student and by class.
  • Prizes come packed in our custom Color-A-Thon drawstring bag.
  • Easy to distribute!
  • Family and friends can donate and/or participate in the event!

What you provide and are responsible for:

  • Happy Volunteers to plan and run the event.
  • $3.00 per T-Shirt for participants and/or volunteers.
  • After party expenses: DJ, water or anything else your group would like to have at your party. The banner ad sales should cover those expenses.
  • The event is run just like a book fair or holiday shop by your volunteers so you have maximum control, profit and can make the Color-A-Thon your very own!

Fee-Based PDF
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