Are your students sick and tired of going door to door (or family member to family member) with the same old fundraiser every year? And are their parents tired of bringing order forms to work and trying to sell to their colleagues? We know that fundraising is key for any school, but the old methods usually require too much time and manpower and can often come up short on funds. Fortunately, there’s a different option – the option to pick a “thon” fundraiser that works for you. Read on to learn why and how.

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A Color-A-Thon color run fundraiser is a fun, active and exciting choice of fundraiser for any school or organization. Because it’s an enjoyable and healthy outdoor event, community members tend to be happy to participate and help raise funds. And with the possibility of making up to 70-percent profit, your Color-A-Thon fundraiser is sure to be your most successful one yet.

But you may be wondering how to organize a color run. Where do you even start? Don’t worry; we can help with that. The following are five easy steps for organizing a successful School-A-Thon color run fundraiser.

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Do you plan school fundraisers? Naturally, your goal is to host school fundraisers that make the most money while requiring the least amount of effort. Thankfully, there are a few A+ school fundraising ideas that have made it to the top of the class. Read on to learn why schools are opting for a school fun run fundraiser – the perfect combination of the best fundraising ideas for schools.

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It’s been a long, snowy winter here in the Midwest. Let’s warm up for spring with a Color-A-Thon fundraiser!

Spring is the perfect time to host a Color-A-Thon fundraiser because it is a fun, active, colorful event for participants and a great fundraiser for your school or organization.

People have been cooped up inside and have extra energy to burn off – many want to do it outside. The warmth of a spring fundraiser makes the event perfect for a first day of outdoor fun in the new year. Color-A-Thon fundraisers are also upbeat and colorful, which is sure to bring excitement and happiness to participants bored from a stretch of white winter woes. Read more