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Looking for refreshingly fun fundraising ideas for school spirit? A Color-A-Thon fundraiser just might be what you’ve been searching for! A School-A-Thon color run boosts school pride while encouraging physical fitness, raising money for a good cause and having a blast! However, figuring out how to plan a fun run can be a challenge when it comes to scheduling.

When planning a color run event for your school, it can be tricky to try to schedule it around an already busy academic schedule. You may be asking yourself how to do a fundraiser so that everyone can participate and you don’t step on the toes of any teachers. You’ll need to consider potential conflicts like after-school activities, athletics or in-school, state-wide testing. This is why it’s always good to schedule out your Color-A-Thon fundraiser early in the school year.

Keep reading to learn more about the times of the year and parts of the day that typically work best for our high school fundraisers and color run events. While any time is a great time for a color run, it all comes down to your school and your scheduling needs. 

Organize The School Run During School Hours

While on the surface, it may seem like the easiest solution is to host your color run event after school or on a Saturday, this actually can cause a lot of scheduling conflicts. Aside from after-school programs, athletics and college entrance exams, people often have plans in the evenings or on the weekends.

Because of all of these factors, it’s often easiest to find out how to plan a fun run at school during normal school hours. As students are already there, this will help to maximize attendance. Plus, participating students may be allowed out of class — a simple but powerful motivator for taking part in the fundraiser.

Plan the Event Before a Holiday Break

It is often tough to plan a color run during the school year. You have to account for every teacher’s curriculum as well as state-wide, in-school testing. Instead, consider organizing a color run on the day before a holiday break or at the end of the school year. Typically, this is when lessons are winding down and there isn’t any major testing going on. And, on the last day before a break, kids are already antsy and attention spans are almost nonexistent. Why not take that restlessness and give kids a positive way to have fun and release all that pent up energy?  

Schedule Your Color Run Toward the End of the Day

Following your Color Blast Party, kids are going to be majorly covered in color run powder. While you should have color dust blower stations in place to help blow off any excess color, kids are still going to be a mess — it’s unavoidable. And you definitely do not want that mess getting spread throughout the school’s hallways. Because of this, you should plan to host the event near the end of the school day so kids can go home and clean up immediately following the race and Color Blast Party. On top of this, if you’re hosting the event the day before the start of a holiday weekend or break, it’s a great send-off for the kids at the end of the day. 

Any Season is a Good Season for a Color-A-Thon

When it comes to how to plan a fun run around the seasons, rest easy knowing that this typically won’t be an issue. High school fundraisers work no matter the time of year! The following are just a few fun options.


It’s back-to-school time! What’s a better way to celebrate the first week of classes than by organizing a color run? This works especially well if it aligns with the long Labor Day weekend. If you’d like to instead host the event before Thanksgiving break, you can even put a turkey spin on your color run. 


No matter where you live, winter can be an ideal time to hold a color run. Consider scheduling your Color-A-Thon winter fun run before the holiday break to send kids off on a high note!


While you still have comfortably cool temperatures out, plan a color run! The day before spring break or the Easter weekend is a popular time to have a Color-A-Thon fundraising event. 


As we’ve mentioned, there’s no better way to end the school year than by having an invigorating and celebratory color run. Classes are over and tests are done, now let’s kick off the start of summer break!

Learn How to Plan a Fun Run with the Help of School-A-Thon

The concept of a color run is a simple yet fun fundraising idea for your school, and it allows you to get the entire school involved! With School-A-Thon, you can opt to have a donation-based color run or a fee-based event. The donation-based color run gives students the opportunity to raise money for their school, or a good cause, with an awesome prize and incentive program. The fee-based color run is a perfect choice for schools wanting to host a fun community-building event for their students and simply requires a flat $30 entry fee.

Let School-A-Thon show you to how to promote an event successfully. Have a question or need additional information about planning a color run or possible color run locations? Reach out to our help desk today. 

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